Rick and Annette Lapas-Pender

“We were at our wit’s end trying to find a safe and supportive place for our daughter. She grew up with a supportive family, ample resources, and educational/training opportunities. However, due to her developmental and mental health issues, we found little success in helping her to become an independent young adult. Desperate to find a situation that would help her grow and keep her safe, we were referred to Country Living Group Homes in Washington, NC.

Once we toured the homes and therapeutic day services, we were confident that this program would fit our daughter’s needs. Having managed group homes in the past, I knew that the facilities operated with the correct level of competency and care. We were very impressed with the condition of the home, knowledge of the staff, the director, and the day services available.

We placed our daughter with the group home and have had a great working relationship with the staff. My daughter has had her share of ups and downs, due to her emotional instability at times. However, they have worked hard to keep her stable and successful in the program. Our working relationship with staff at every level has been excellent.

Our daughter has made progress and has learned to live with others in a cooperative manner. She still has a long way to go to be more independent and capable of making good decisions, but she is offered the necessary guidance and supervision to learn this. Because of this program, we rest at night knowing that she is happy, well managed, well supervised, and encouraged on a daily basis. We highly recommend this program to anyone seeking placement for a relative with mental illness.”