Current Resident

“My son was living in Country Living Guest Homes before I was. He told me one day “Mama, this is a very very good place. Would you come live with me up here to get your life back on track? Quit using drugs and living the bad life.” I went through many stages of my life before I finally got to move into Country Living on January 19th, 2007. They have treated me very well, and they still treat me very well. They have helped me out. Everything that used to stress me out about the real world, your bills, your homes, they have relieved the stress from me so I can concentrate on myself. I had a hard time in June of 2011 when my son got killed while living on his own in a neighboring city. They were there for me then during that hard time in my life, and they still are there for me now.

As long as they let me live here, I will continue to live at Country Living through my old age. If I was not in Country Living today, I would probably be in the state penitentiary or the graveyard because I was really living the rough life. They saved my life, and they’re still saving my life. I’ve been clean for 9 years now. They’re making me a better person from what I was. They are my family. This is my home. God Bless Country Living.”